Xylitol candy Easy Teeth Orange


100% pure organic xylitol, orange flavour

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Xylitol candy Easy Teeth Orange

Xylitol candy Easy Teeth (orange flavour) supports mineralization and help keep your teeth stronger.

Easy Teeth xylitol candy Orange is the first product where the xylitol remains in the mouth long enough to have a scientifically substantiated effect. Xylitol crystals are made in a unique and patented process in which xylitol from 100% organic corn is crystallized under high pressure. No other ingredient is needed! You simply suck on them slowly like a candy. In this way, the xylitol is in contact with your teeth for at least 7 minutes and can keep your mouth and teeth clean and strong like no other xylitol product in the market. Ideal for work, school or if you just don’t have time to brush.


Recommended use: slowly suck 1 to 3 xylitol pastilles per day in the mouth, after a meal or as a snack. The effect is optimal after 7 minutes or more.
Do not exceed the recommended amount. Excessive use can have a laxative effect.

Do not serve to a dog!

Label information

Pure Crystals of Xylitol

Hard candies (pastilles) with sweetener

Content: 40 candies (net weight 152 grams)

Flavor: Orange

Ingredients: sweetener: organic Xylitol; organic orange essential oil

Glycemic Index 7 (suitable for diabetics)

Alkaline (deacidifying) diet

Produced in Spain

Store: in a dry place

Distributed by: Madal Bal PPST BV

                            Denneweg 126B

                            2514 CL The Hague

                            The Netherlands


Nutritional value
per 100 grams
0 g
  of which saturated
0 g
100 g
  of which sugars
0 g
  of which polyalcohols
100 g
0 g
0 g